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Melissa Ganey, LMT MA 58603
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Melissa's Massage Therapy Services

Providing massage services in Tallahassee since 2010.

Melissa M. Ganey, BA LMT, MLD-C MA 58603, a graduate of the Core Institute for Massage Therapy and Bodywork in Tallahassee specializing in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, relaxation and deep tissue therapies.  She has worked with FSU Woman's Soccer team, FSU Woman's Tennis team, FSU Woman's Basketball team and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

She is a native of Tallahassee and a graduate of Florida State University.


What my Clients are saying.....

Melissa is an excellent massage therapist and I highly recommend her.  The atmosphere is calm, so relaxing.  Melissa as an individual is pleasant, works with your schedule and isn't a chatterbox.  Ive had experiences with nice MTs who didn't seem to get the hint that I wasn't interested in talking during the massage!  She'll chat if that is right for you, and leave you in peace if not.  She can apply as much or as little proessure as you'd like and has done wonders for my back.
**Vita W.

Have been with Melissa for at least 5 years now and consider her an important part of my medical team.  She always asks at each appointment if I'm having any physical problems and makes sure she addresses it in the treatment.  I feel safe and comfortable at the therapy center and the soft music and soothing treatment helps me to let go of any tension I'm carrying.  I always sleep like a rock the night after a treatment.  I have referred her to several of my friends and will continue to do so.
**Brenda B.

I started seeing Melissa at the beginning of the year for shoulders that were severely pinching, a neck that was so sore I couldn't sleep at night. I was hooked after my first session with her.  Since then, I've been religiously going for a massage every four weeks and it's one of the days I look forward to the most.

I work for the State and am constantly under pressure (and behind a desk all day) so my shoulder and back stay tensed up under pressure.  By the time week four hits, my shoulders are stinging and I really start looking forward to Massage Day.  Melissa really knows which muscles to hit the hardest for my back/shoulder pain, even the ones you wouldn't think would affect your shoulders.

During the session, the lights are dimmed, the room is cool, and there is relaxing music in the background.  Sometimes we chat, sometimes we dont.  Melissa has a calm demeanor and sets me at ease.  She's knowledgeable when I ask about specific muscles or why I have specific pains.

Recently she helped immensely with a headache by incorporating a scalp, neck and fact massage into my usual hour session.  My mom referred me (and even my dad) to her montshago when my pain was so bad that I was miserable constantly.  Between sessions, I find stretching to be incredibly beneficial as well - Melissa was able to suggest certain stretches and postural changes that have helped as well.

Since I've been going regularly, I honestly feel like my life has been changed.  The day after my session is sometimes sore, but the relief that follows thereafter. I'm so beyond grateful to have found her!
**Megan G.

Melissa does a great job of getting to know each client's needs before beginning.  She does excellent work and is a pro at relieving points of tension, everytime.  I've been seeing Melissa for two years now, and wouldn't imagine seeing another massage therapist.
**Olivia S.

Melissa has been my massage therapist for years and is amazing! Everytime I leave my appointment I feel like a new person.  Her attention to detail on my problem areas is top notch.  My quality of life is much better and it's all thanks to her! Great Massage Therapist!
**Stacy B.

Melissa has been my massage therapist for years.  She provides both relaxation and neuromuscualr massage.  I see her for the "neuro" massage to deal with neck, shoulder and back issues (way too much time working on a computer...) She is an excellent and caring professional and spends time to determine your needs. Her facility is clean, comfortable and inviting.  I highly recemment her and will continue to use her services.
**Deborah T.

Melissa provides a clean, relaxing environment to ensure a positive, healing experience.  Her technique and level of attention to where i have pain is spot on.  It's rare to find a woman with strong hands which is welcomed by those who need a deep tissue massage. I prefer a lighter touch massage and Melissa always makes sure my comfort comes first.  I always look forward to my nex massage with her.
**Elizabeth G.

Melissa is a very talented and professional massage therapist!
**Susan M.

Melissa Ganey, LMT MA 58603
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